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Question 5 Week 11: Tutorial 10 (10marks) Focus on Technology: Tracking Customers According to Nielsen, more than 50 percent of mobile phone consumers own smartphones. Many of them use free Wi-Fi when available for faster connections and to reduce data usage charges. But even when they don't log on to Wi-Fi, the device continues to search, giving information on users' locations. By using the signals emitted by shoppers' smartphones, retailers can keep tabs on shoppers, knowing where they are and what they are searching for on their phones' browsers. Retailers can learn on which aisles shoppers are most likely to check online prices at retailers such as and can send an alert to a sales representative. "Heat mapping” identifies traffic patterns and locations attracting the greatest number of shoppers checking the Internet. This gives retailers an idea of the products most vulnerable to "showrooming" —the practice of shoppers visiting stores to learn about and try products and later purchasing them for less online. 1. What is shopper marketing and how might retailers use Wi-Fi technology to implement it? (5 marks) 2. What may be the likely response as more shoppers learn that retailers gather information without their knowledge? (5 marks)

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I need help with questions # 5 to # 10 only. thanks True False 1. A six-sigma method to quality management was developed by Japanese companies in the 1950s. 2. The full costs of quality are typically identified by the accounting department. 3. The use of traditional inspection to improve the quality of the process was discouraged by several TQM gurus 4. A formal service quality evaluation process measures the differences between service expectations and performance perceptions. 5. An effective supplier certification mechanism within the company will generally improve the quality, but typically at a higher purchase price. 6. Additive sampling is an approach where every item in the total group has the same possibility of being chosen 7. A person making Deming's Mistake I would treat common cause variation as if it were actually special cause variation 8. A process control chart is shown below. The yellow line is the UCL, while the Magenta line is the LCL. The process data is the blue line. This process is in statistical control. Problems 9. Acme Inc. produces a Part Z that specifies a desired diameter of 5 inches with tolerances of +.05 inch. The equipment that actually makes Part Z can produce an average diameter of 4.995 with a standard deviation of 0.01 inch. What is the process capability index (Cpk) for this process? 10. In the problem above, is the current Cpk acceptable by traditional standards? 6. Additive sampling is an approach where every item in the total group has the same possibility of being chosen 7. A person making Deming's Mistake I would treat common cause variation as if it were actually special cause variation 8. A process control chart is shown below. The yellow line is the UCL, while the Magenta line is the LCL. The process data is the blue line. This process is in statistical control. 0 Problems 9. Acme Inc. produces a Part Z that specifies a desired diameter of 5 inches with tolerances of +05 inch. The equipment that actually makes Part Z can produce an average diameter of 4.995 with a standard deviation of 0.01 inch. What is the process capability index (Cpk) for this process? 10. In the problem above, is the current Cpk acceptable by traditional standards?

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As we have seen throughout this module, a variety of environmental, institutional, technological, and operational innovations have created catalysts for expanding globalization. From the following, however, please identify that factor that has NOT been a major force increasing globalization in recent decades? Group of answer choices decreasing prices of natural resources increase in and expansion of technology liberalization of cross-border trade growing pressure from consumers

Solved:Question: Styles Editing QUALITY MGMT 507- OM QUALITY DEGREASING SOLUTIONS On Friday moming, Frank Smith wa…….

Styles Editing QUALITY MGMT 507- OM QUALITY DEGREASING SOLUTIONS On Friday moming, Frank Smith was smiling as he walked towards his office still feeling like a stranger since being hired weeks ago as Director, Quality Assurance. He had been away from the office and plant for part of the week at an interesting seminar "Quality in the New Millennium presented to managers of manufacturing plants by the corporate training department. Frank was now looking forward to digging into quality problems at this industrial products plant employing over 1.200 people Smith poked his head into the office of Mike Scott, his immediate subordinates the Quality Control manager to ask him how things had gone while he was way. Scoffs muted smile and an "Oh, fire was not what he had expected so he stopped. Smith did not know Scott very well and was unsure as to whether he should delve into the statement further. Sooft had been passed over for the position of Director and Smith was unsure til on how to start building relationship with Scott Scott's evaluation for had stated the had 'supert technical knowledge but managerial skills were lackingSmith decided to inquire further and asked Scot what had happened to which he replied "Oh just another typical quality rate. We had a le problem on the Greate Away line a specialized degreasing solvent packed in a spray car. A little high pressure was found in some cans on the second shit but a supervisor vented them so we could ship them out. We met our delivery scheduler Having only been there a short time it was retively unfamiliar with the plant and its products, so he asked Soon to laborate which he did panty be continued We've been having some trouble with the new filing equipment and some of the core were pressured beyond our specifications on pounds per unreinch (PS) rating scale The production we is still 50% of standard about 14 cases per shit and we caught haitway into the win. Louise Smoke the inspector for that ine picked it up and trgoed te esholdand then when on about her duties. When the returned at the end of the to write-up te rejects, frutine supervisor Vinton Spalding was by polet finished goods fishing sealing a carton from the rejected Grease Any which had had the old to removed in to Smoke that he had heard about the high pressure another acestor st coffee break had come back from break removed retas individualy turned the cans pside down and vented every single one them in the ay pushing for the One Any product and could not delay having sert og the rework area but he would get on the beat to run the equipment the next ON me Smoked not write it up, but come in about reeds go to hacpersevery once in a while, and told me to make sure to check w maintenance to verty the fing machine was used and I saw Winston in the land Video de product through rework the time MCMT 507- OM also thought about what Plant General Manager, Evan Mortimer had said when he red him. Mortimer warned Smith about the lack of sy slude the plant and told Scott he should try and do something about his Mortimer further emphasized the quality problems in the plant have to improve our quality costing us a lot of money, I'm sure of it, but I can't provee Frank, you have my support in this matter you're in charge of these quality problem. This downward quality productivity has to end The Grease Away incident happened a week ago and the goods were probably out in the customer's hands by now, and everyone had forgotten about it for wanted to) There seemed to be more pressing problems than this for Smith to spend his time on, but this issue continued to nag at him Smith felt that the unity Department was being treated as a joke, and he who felt this was a personal light from manufacturing He didn't want to start a war with the production people but what could he do? Smith was troubled enough to cancel his appointments and spent the morning talking to a few people. Ater long and very act morning Shamed the follow information 1. From Human Resources The operator for the Ring augment had been transferred from shipping two weeks ago He had no formal training in but was ben trained by Winston Mortimer on the other Wher Smoke had teated the higher on the operator w nowhere to be found and had only learned about thered from Winton at the shit was over 2 From Plant Maintenance The parece of formed ingement had been chased MO Great-way month and manad had have won years ago bron nomer product had been suched to the order the last month for repair or ment on the current had been added by manance forhandling the lower Great way for which it had not originaly been designed This adeo in designing ang head. There who have preventive manance and Mathemave ing head replaced tre mesi ex months had to be made a nearby manne how we woung art of tung 3. From Puchong The ne me duayed by a very for the new product on anyon the demanded on the other more on perhe on by read the turcon moral (Focus trom Styles Editing • productivity wd quality Creating a new stude • the quality challenge But he thought where had they told him what to do when this happened? Smith had let a very good job to come here because he thought the company was serious about the importance of quality, and he wanted a challenge Smith had demanded and received a salary equal to the Directors of Monacturing, Marker and Research, and he was one of the red reports to Plant General Manager. Yet he still didn't know exactly what the should or should not door een what he could or could not do under these countances The on, designed especially for Grease away, had been contoured to afow beller gripping by the user. This change, rigated by marketing research, set Grease Away spart from the appearance of a competitors and was seen as siguient by the designer. There had been no fear on the effects of the contoured con on filling speed or filing hydrodynamics from a high pressure inghead Smith had a hunch that the new design was creating Venturi effect when being filed, but the packaging designer thought this was unlikely "Venturfect med tant Goventut when orows Thalbe open the dust speed up in the contin much pressure and change 5. From the Manufacturing Manager He had heard about the problem in fact Spalding had made a joke about bragging about how he had beat his production quota to the other foreman and the supervisor The Manufacturing Manager thought Mortimer was one of the best forman we have he always gets production out" Mortimer's promotion papers were actually on the Manufacturing manager's desk when Smith dropped by Spalding we strongly being considered for promotion to SM Supervisor The Manufacturing Manager, under pressure from Mortimer for con improvements and reduced delivery times, sympathed with Smith but said that the rework area would have vented with their preure gauges, what Winston had done by hand. "But, I speak with Winston about the oder he said 0. From Marketing The introduction of the Grease-Away product had been the tomato beat the competition, and a major promotional advertising campaign was underway to increase consumer awareness A deluge order wa clogging the order taking department and putting Grace Anayighonte backordert Production had to turn the product out evenheng. off ons was tolerable because would be refer to have to the shell than not there who cares the latelie crooked or the stuff comes out with a line too much pre ture? We need the mate share now in that high-cach segment What bothered Smith most was the safety aspect of the high pressure in the cans. He had no way of knowing how much of a heard the high pressure was or Spalding had verted them enough to effectively reduce the hazard. The data from the can manufacturer which Scott had shown him indicated that the high pressure found by the inspector was not in the danger area. But again the inspector had only used a sample testing procedure to the eight cases. Even if the could morally accept that there was no product safety hazard. could Smith make sure that this would never happen Assignment Assist Frank Smith solve his dilemma Using information provided in the course this semester, what is you think Frank needs to do to reside the concessed in this serie? again Skipping lunch. Smith satin his office and thought about the moming's events. The seminar he had attended talked about • the role of out I In each case study you encounter, no matter what the length, there will be a need for examining many things. The following is a simplified guideline you can use when doing analysis for a course or in your own career. Main Issue: (Also known as a problem/problem statement) Issues: Usually there are other issues to be considered - may not be root issue, but may contribute to the main issue. These are also considered to be symptoms of the Main Issue Assumptions: What assumptions are you making that may impact your analysis and decision? Analysis/Discussion: Cause and Effect Analysis: There are several tools that can be used here, the most popular are Strength, Weakness, Opportunity & Threats (SWOT) Political, Economic, Social, Technical, Legal & Environmental (PESTLE) Alternatives/Possibilities: Some are very obvious, but there should be at least three possibilities that you either see from the case, or can develop based on what you have learned so far Do not limit yourself to just three possibilities, there are often several more that can be considered Final Recommendation: Needs to be a definitive recommendation. It can be comprised of one or several of your Alternatives/Possibilities, but hey need to written into a definitive recommendation Consider this as the moving forward plan Short Term and Long Term Action Plan Implementation Timeline: You need to show the timing it will take to implement your Final Recommendation Commonly shown in a Gantt chart format NOTE: This is not a timeline of the activities in the case provided, but is the time you estimate it will take to implement your Final Recommendation in total (all components)

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How will the organisational capabilities translate to core competencies that give Cisco a sustainable competitive advantage in their industry? OPENING CASE STUDY STRATEGIC ACQUISITIONS AND ACCELERATED INTEGRATION OF THOSE ACQUISITIONS ARE A VITAL CAPABILITY OF CISCO SYSTEMS Cisco Systems is in the business of building the Also in 2012, Cisco purchased Meraki for US$1.2 infrastructure that allows the internet to work As billion. Meraki provides solutions that optimise services the internet evolved, however, Cisco's business was in the cloud. For instance, it offers mid-sized customers required to change with this evolution, As part of its wi-fi, switching security and mobile device management advancement, Cisco Systems has used an acquisition centrally from a set of cloud servers. For instance, if you strategy to build network products and extend their are a guest at a university or other company campus it reach into new areas, both related and unrelated. In the supports, you can bring your own personal device into the beginning, digital connectivity was important through network, which allows guest networking and facilitates email and web browsing and searches. This evolved application controls. It manages the firewall and other into a network economy facilitating e-commerce, digital advanced networking services to protect security as well. supply chains and digital collaboration Subsequently, the John Chambers, former Cisco CEO helped the firm digital interaction phase moved Cisco into developing move through the many transitions noted earlier. In the IT infrastructure for social media, mobile and cloud sector, 90 per cent of acquisitions fail. However, as Chambers computing, and digital video. The next stage seems to be noted, although Cisco does better than anyone else, we the internet of everything connecting people, processes, know that a third of our acquisitions won't work. Chambers data and things. This will require the basic core in routing, worked for companies that did not successfully make switching and services, as well as large data centres transitions. Wang Laboratories missed a transition, and after to facilitate visualisation through cloud computing. experiencing this as an executive, Chambers learned to have Video and collaboration as well as basic architecture of a healthy paranoia? He added: 'More than anything, I've the business will be transforming to become the base tried to make Cisco a company that can see big transitions strategic business blocks. Furthermore, the need to have and move. One way it does this is to listen to the customers strong digital security will be paramount. A very closely to understand the necessary changes. Cisco has entered many aspects of this business As Cisco makes the transition into the all-everything through acquisitions. For instance, in 2012, Cisco acquired network, not only must it manage the cloud, but it also TV software developer NDS for US$5 billion. NDS Group must provide service to the mobile devices that work develops software for television networks. In particular, in cellular networks. Accordingly, Cisco also acquired its solutions allow pay-TV providers to deliver digital Intucell, a self-optimising network software developer, content to TVs, DVRs, PCs and other multimedia devices. for US$475 million. It likewise acquired Trụviso, Inc., a It provides solutions that protect digital content so that provider of network data analysis and reporting software, only paid subscribers can access it. Because of Cisco's for an undisclosed price (it was partly owned by venture customer-driven focus, it has sought to help its customers capital firms and was headquartered in Israel). Most capture these market transitions and meet their particular recently it acquired Ubiquisys, which cuts cellular carriers needs. Of course, Cisco also builds the routers that allow costs “by shifting traffic from congested towers to more video data and email communications to come together targeted locations inside an office, home or public space, through their blade servers (individual and modular which also boosts the services reliability. This approach servers that cut down on cabling). These routers and is especially efficient when seeking to improve 'coverage servers support cloud computing for the mobile devices owded areas such as stadiums, convention centers that deliver the video that NDS software enables on and subway stations. These acquisitions help cellular desktop and mobile devices. network customers manage their products in the network centina more efficiently in the delivery of data, email and video services. As you can see, for this series of acquisitions, Cisco has used acquisitions strategically to move into new areas as its environment changes, to learn about new technologies, and to gain knowledge on new technologies as it experiences these transitions. In the process of this rapid change, it has developed a distinct ability to integrate acquisitions. When Cisco contemplates an acquisition, along with financial due diligence to make sure that it is paying the right price, it also develops a detailed plan for possible post- merger integration. It begins communicating early with stakeholders about integration plans and conducts rigorous post-mortems to identify ways to make subsequent integrations more efficient and effective Once a deal is completed, this allows the company to hit the ground running when the deal becomes public. Cisco is ready 'from Day 1 to explain how the two companies are going to come together and provide unique value and how the integration effort itself will be structured to realise value. The firm does not 'want the [acquired) organisation to go in limbo, which can happen if the integration process is not well thought out. Also, during the integration process, it is important to know how far the integration should go. Sometimes integration is too deep, and value is destroyed that was being sought in the acquisition. Sometimes it may even pay to keep the business separate from Cisco's other operations to allow the business to function without integration until the necessary learning is complete. Cisco learned the hard way that complex deals require you to know at a high level of detail how you're going to drive value.' Sources: L. Capron, 2013, Ciscos corporate development portfolio: A blend of building, borrowing and buying, Strategy Or Leadership, 41(2): 27-30; D. FitzGerald & S Chaudhuri, 2013, Corporate news: Cisco doubles down on small-cell transmitters with Ubiquisys, Wall Street Journal, 4 April, 17; T. Geron, 2012, Meraki-Cisco deal a boost for Sequola, Google-connected VCs, Fordes, 19 November, 18; R. Karlgaard, 2012, Cisco's chambers: Driving change, Forbes, 22 February 68: A. Moscaritolo, 2012, Cisco to acquire TV software developer NDS for $5 billion, PC Magazina, 1 March; B. Worthen, D. Cimilluca & A. Das, 2012, Cisco hedges bet on video delivery, Wall Street Journal, 16 March, Bl; R. Myers, 2011, Integration acceleration, CFO, 27(1), 52–7. Cisco's acquisition of Meraki We examined corporate-level strategy in Chapter 6, focusing on types and levels of product diversification strategies that firms derive from their core competencies to create competitive advantages and value for stakeholders. As noted in that chapter, diversification allows a firm to create value by productively using excess resources. In this chapter, we explore merger and acquisition strategies. Firms throughout the world use these strategies, often in concert with diversification strategies, to become more diversified. As noted in the opening case, merger and acquisition strategies remain popular as a source of firm growth and, hopefully, of above-average returns. Most corporations are very familiar with merger and acquisition strategies. For example, the latter half of the 20th century found major companies using these strategies to grow and to deal with the competitive challenges in their domestic markets as well as those emerging from global competitors. Today, smaller firms also use merger and acquisition strategies to grow in their existing markets and to enter new markets.? Not unexpectedly, some mergers and acquisitions fail to fulfil their promise. Accordingly, explaining how firms can successfully use merger and acquisition strategies to create stakeholder valueis a key purpose of this chapter. To do this, we first explain the continuing popularity of merger and acquisition strategies as a choice firms evaluate when seeking growth and strategic competitiveness. As part of this explanation, we describe the differences between mergers, acquisitions and takeovers. We next discuss specific reasons firms choose to use acquisition strategies and some of the problems organisations may encounter when implementing them. We then describe the characteristics associated with effective acquisitions before closing the 194

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Question No. 06 Part A National Highway Authority (NHA) had selected your company for constructing a 50 kilometers long motorway to interconnect two major cities of Sindh. The NHA has planned to inaugurate the motorway through the hands of the Chief Minister, in the month of December 2020. You have 6 months to get the project completed.   Being a Project Manager, you are required to identify at least 6 major risks that you may foresee during the execution of the Project. In addition, you also have to recommend Risk Mitigation (control) steps to reduce the impact of each identified risk. Question No. 06 Part B Being Project Manager of a large Financial Institution, You were assigned a project for deploying an automated customer help desk unit in 75 branch offices of the company, across the country. During the deployment of the Project, your team required an equipment that cost   PKR 1,250,000/-. On the other hand, if you acquire this tool/equipment on rental basis, it will cost you PKR 6,500/- per day plus an additional amount of Rs.550/- per day for the technician. The project may long 6 months. What will be your decision as a project manager, whether to buy the equipment or acquire it on rental basis.

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