(Solved):Question: THE SCENARIO – THE BUSINESS PLAN   A-Z Khaleej Outdoors is a tourism startup business owned …

A-Z Khaleej Outdoors is a tourism startup business owned by
Alison and Zack. It will be based in Al Ain but will organize
outdoor sight-seeing and interactive tours throughout the
Their main attraction will be a traditional Bedouin camp for
overnight stays where guests can enjoy live cooking of traditional
food and drink, and take part in art and craft workshops. There is
also a section serving international food and drink.
Customers will be able to book and make payments (or receive
refunds) online on the business’s website or to the bank
The business plans to employ 3 staff; 2 foreign nationals and 1
Emirati national with expertise in Emirati culture and history.
They have asked for your advice on the UAE legal and regulatory
frame work that will guide their business.
Task 2 – PC 1.2
The owners, Alison and Zack are concerned about the business
laws they have to follow. They need your guidance on the types of
business laws.
List the laws they may have to follow regarding the following
business functions/activities.
a)     Registering and setting up their
new business
b)     Meeting UAE Central bank
c)      Employment of staff
d)     Customers
e)     Safety of staff in the
f)       Any other business
law from your research and studies
Task 3 – PC 1.3
Select a minimum of 3 laws from the list in
task 2 above and describe fully, details/contents of each.

(Solved):Question: Explain the RESEARCH DESING AND METHODOLOGY of an existing Research Report of your choice (it may…

Explain the RESEARCH DESING AND METHODOLOGY of an existing
Research Report of your choice (it may be related to PR, but the
research can be focused on any issue/industry). Therefore, provide
the source of the secondary research, and summarize in a few lines
the object of study, and the research design & methodology
applied by the authors to conduct the field investigation.

(Solved):Question: Part B 1. From Wolverine to the Coffee Business: Laughing Man Coffee LAUGHING MAN” NOW DECLUSIVEL…

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Part B 1. From Wolverine to the Coffee Business: Laughing Man Coffee LAUGHING MAN” NOW DECLUSIVELY FOH KELIG WEREMO While movie fans everywhere would probably recognize the actor, who played Wolverine in the X- Men franchise, most are not likely to ww he is also in the fair-trade coffee business. In 20.1 Hugh Jackman, most famous for his depiction of Wolverine in X-Men, launched Laughing Man Coffee. The Australian actor- a self-acknowledged “coffee snob”-was inspired to get into the coffee business after visiting Ethiopia as an ambassador for World Vision Australia in 2009. Jackman was working with World Vision to film a documentary about the impact the organization’s development was having on communities. However, they decided instead to focus more specifically on fair trade coffee. World Vision wanted to demonstrate how fair-trade coffee made a difference in the lives of the farmers. By participating in the documentary, Jackman worked side-by-side with a 27-year-old farmer named Dukale. Jackman was struck by Dukale’s enthusiasm and joy, despite the fact that he worked ten to twelve hours days, seven days a week to support his wife and five children. Despite Dukale’s hard work, he still struggled to provide for his family. Dukale worked as part of a cooperative of farmers in the village that grew and harvested fair trade coffee beans. These beans are grown with methods that are environmentally friendly, and with the cooperative’s help the farmers are able to get a fairer price for their coffee beans. Jackman learned that for many farmers, coffee buyers purchased their beans at below-market rates. Because the farmers live in rural areas and do not have other options, they are often forced to sell their beans at these rates or go without any income. Jackman was particularly inspired by how his daily morning ritual of drinking coffee could have such an impact on people’s lives. He promised Dukale that he would try to do something to help promote the fair- trade movement. When he returned to New York, he addressed the world leaders at the Nations Climate Week and asked them to support the movement. However, Jackman felt like he could do even more. He did not want to just donate money either. He describes his work as giving a “hand up” instead of a “handout” because by purchasing fair trade coffee at fair prices, consumers are providing the farmers with the income needed to pull themselves out of poverty. In 2011 Jackman partnered with businessman David Steingard to found Laughing Man Coffee, a small shop in lower Manhattan. The shop began selling fair trade coffee from farmers in Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Guatemala, and more. The shop s popular among consumers, who felt the coffee was both high- quality and incredibly important in making a difference for the farmers that grew the beans. Eventually they opened up a second location in Manhattan. The shop’s most popular coffee, Dukale’s Dream, was named after the farmer who inspired Jackman. All the profits that Jackman makes from the coffee he donates to the Laughing Man Foundation, which is used to support education, social entrepreneurship, and community development. Jackman’s endeavor has been compared to that of famous actor Paul Newman, who created a salad dressing empire in which all profits were donated to various charities. The name “Laughing Man” was adopted based upon the importance of laughter and dignity. Jackman described Dukale as one of the “happiest people” he ever met. Laughing Man Foundation has the following mission statement: “Laughter is the expression of freedom and the melody of dignity, but around the world some are able to laugh mora freely than others. Whatever the obstacle, personal initiative, collective action and community awareness are the key to a more resilient humanity. When people have the tools that they need to create change for themselves and their communities, they thrive and build resilience from the inside out. The change becomes exponential, spreading from person to person and community to community.” Laughing Man products can be purchased online or in the shops. Soon it caught the attention of keurig Green Mountain, which purchases the largest amounts of fair-trade certified coffee globally. Keurig Green Mountain is famous for its Keurig machines and its K-cups. Keurig machines use single-serve K-cups to make individual cups of coffee easily. Keurig wanted to partner with Laughing Man Coffee. At the time, Jackman was considering expansion through franchising, but he disliked the possibility of losing some quality control in the process. After deciding that their values aligned, Jackman agreed to the exclusive partnership with Keurig, and its best-selling coffee Dukale’s Dream became available in K-cups. Keurig also donates a portion of product sales to the Laughing Man Foundation. A major benefit of partnering with Keurig Green Mountain is that it has such a large distribution network. Keurig was determined to get Laughing Man Coffee K-cups distributed nationwide. In 2016 Kroger joined the partnership and began selling K-cups of Laughing Man branded coffee in 1,800 of its national stores. Because the coffee is Fair Trade certified, consumers have assurance that the farming practices used to harvest the coffee beans adhere to certain sustainability and fair labor requirements, as well as providing a higher income for the farmers themselves. This phenomenon of consumers consciously participating in improving the lives of others and the environment through their purchases is known as conscious consumerism. Jackman believes conscious consumerism is growing as consumers learn more about how their purchases can impact the health a vell-being of communities. As for the Ethiopian farmer Dukale, fair trade has allowed him to break the cycle of poverty. He has been able to purchase more land and even open a café. His success is also leading to job opportunities for others in the community as he has increased production and hired more farm hands. While he himself is illiterate, his son will be the first one to graduate from high school. His dream to be able to afford the necessities of life for his family seems to be coming to fruition through the impact of Fair Trade and conscious capitalism. 2. How did Hugh Jackman use business practices to develop a successful organization with a philanthropic component? 3. What are the advantages to purchasing Fair Trade certified coffee? I

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The Vera Molding company has two alternatives for meeting a customer requirement for 9,500 units of a specialty molding. If done in-house, fixed cost would be $450,000 with variable cost at $23 per unit. Alternative two is to outsource for a total cost of $74 per unit. a. What is the break-even quantity? Round your answer to the nearest whole number. units b. Should the firm make-in-house or outsource? Round your answers to the nearest dollar. Total cost if done in-house: $ Total cost if outsourced: $ So, the firm can save $ by Select

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CHAPTERCASE 4 Consider This ALTHOUGH MANY observers are convinced that Apple pur chased Beats Electronics for the coolness of its brand and to gain a stronger position in the music industry, others are suggesting that what Apple is really buying are the talents that Beats co-founder Jimmy lovine and Dr. Dre bring to the table. Since the death of Steve Jobs, Apple’s visionary leader. the company has been lacking the kind of inspired personal ity it needs to remain a cultural icon. The critics argue that what Apple really needs is someone with a creative vision combined with a wide-reaching industry network and the ability to close a deal, especially in music where the person alities of celebrities are known to be idiosyncratic. In music jargon, Apple is in need of a “front man.” With the acquisi- tion of Beats, it got two of the greatest creative talents in the music industry, with a long successful track record and deep and far-reaching networks love is of the opinion that Beats had always belonged with Apple lovine and Dr. Dre set out Dr Dre and my to model Beats Electronics after Apple’s unique ability to marry con Marc culture and technology Intrigt Getty Images ingly, both lovine and Dr. Die took on senior positions at Apple. They continue to link Beats with today’s top talent, even as some celebrities, such as Ariana Grande and Rihanna take a leaf from the Beats playbook Some singers now burnish personal brands with limited release headphones from other vendos Grande’s wireless Cat Ear Headphones (Brookstone, 5150) and Rihanna’s bedraled tiara Friends Dolce & Gabon, 9.000) are just two examples That Beats’ founders keep ongoing roles indicates how much Apple’s culture has changed under CEO Tim Cook coolness factor. Do you agree this assessment 3. If you believe that Apple boughts Electronics to bring Jimmy Iovine and Dt Dcinto Apple, what are the potential downsides of multibillion-doll acqui-hire” (an acquisition to re key personnel 4. Ir Beats Electronics’ core competencies are indeed Intangibles, such as coolness and marketing savvy. Indent lovine and De Dre were not the first superstars from Why or why not? flashy Industries he brought to Apple. In 2013. Apple hired Kamer Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts to head its retail opera- tions. Bringing in superstars from the fashy industries of music or fashion to Apple, let alone into senior executive roles would have been unthinkable under lobs. Under his sop-down leader ship only Apple products introduced to the public by himself in well-rehearsed theatrical launches were allowed to shine. Questions you think these competencies all remain as valuable 1. Which muste streaming service do you use, if any? Why under Apple’s ownership? Why o why not? are you using this particular service and not others? Are 5. The ChapterCase provides at least three theories why you a paid subscriber? Why or why not? Apple purchased Beats Electronics. Briefly sketches 2. The ChapterCase argues that Beats Electronics’ core of them. Which of those do you believe is most acces competency lies in its marketing savvy and in Dr. Dre’s rate, and why?

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The Relationships in Human Relations Jocelyn went into the Human Relations field as a human services assistant because she thought it would be a great way to help people find jobs, help them get access to professional development training, and provide an employer with the best possible workforce. But after her first year on the job, she found herself mentally exhausted each day, and not looking forward to going to work each day. Jocelyn placed great importance on helping others, and on providing a way for those who needed jobs to have a good chance at finding jobs. In her daily workday, she worked hard and followed the new procedures that came from management to be as competent as possible. In the past few months, Jocelyn found herself increasingly uncomfortable with some of the hiring decisions being made. The past half dozen or so people hired for clerical jobs all had known their new manager from previous employers. Was that just a coincidence? Or was it word of mouth among people who knew cach other that jobs in her company had opened up? Jocelyn tried to tell herself that it was okay that people were getting jobs when they needed them, but it didn’t seem to her that everyone applying had an equal chance of being hired. Since her own department was the one finalizing the hiring decisions, she did not know who to talk to about her concerns. Case Study Questions 3. Would you define this values conflict as internal, personal versus group, or interpersonal? Why? What should Jocelyn do about this situation?